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Word Example of - fraction

    Example Sentences for fraction

    She paused a fraction of a second over one of the illustrations; in that time, she was able to memorize it.

    But this personal feeling was only a fraction of her grief and anxiety.

    (iv) Each convergent is nearer to the true value than any other fraction whose denominator is less than that of the convergent.

    Then, as now, they formed only a fraction of the population.

    But they remit only a fraction of their total earnings, yet that fraction constitutes a very large sum.

    All life is God's, and all thought—not only a fraction of it.

    A fraction of an ampere through the human heart muscles can be fatal.

    But Robert was some time in finding his opening, in realising any fraction of his dream.

    The colonel raised his finely-drawn brows just a fraction of an inch, as though he hadn't known what the answer would be.

    Saunders had been a fraction of a second too late with the sheet.

Word Origin & History of - fraction

    Word Origin & History

    fraction late 14c., from L.L. fractionem (nom. fractio) "a breaking," especially into pieces, from root of L. frangere (pt. fregi) "to break," from PIE base *bhr(e)g- (cf. Skt. (giri)-bhraj "breaking-forth (out of the mountains);" Goth. brikan, O.E. brecan "to break;" Lith. brasketi "crash, crack;" O.Ir. braigim "break" wind). Mathematical sense was the original one in English. Sense of "broken off piece, fragment," is from c.1600.

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