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Word Example of - fragment

    Example Sentences for fragment

    From a nail on the tent pole hung a fragment of looking-glass which Arcoll used for shaving.

    He was almost upon the fragment shielding him from the jammer.

    The broad thin "appendage" figured may have been a fragment of a thoracic segment.

    It is impossible to ignite there a fragment of amorphous phosphorus.

    The whole of this splendid speech should be compared with the fragment of Neophron's Medea, on which it is obviously modelled.

    Its shape shows that it was really a fragment with angular edges and corners.

    A piece is often taken for a sample; a fragment scarcely would be.

    Bentham's first book was the Fragment on Government, 1776 (i. 221-295).

    This is only a fragment, some of the letters being obliterated.

    "Una was eating of the man's piece," she shrilled as she held the fragment aloft.

Word Origin & History of - fragment

    Word Origin & History of fragment

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