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Word Example of - frailness

    Example Sentences for frailness

    There was a spirituality about her—a frailness, if I may so express it—that was almost fairylike.

    There was something appealing in her frailness, in her thin, anæmic calm.

    Her frailness touched him; he was angry at Eddie Swanson for the incessant family bickering.

    He was thin even to seeming frailness,—yet it was the frailness of the race-horse.

    Peter was fourteen, and looked less, being delicate to frailness.

    He knew the frailness of the bond which kept his body and soul together.

    She dared not think of the frailness of the barriers which stood between herself and the possible consequences of her crime.

    It was a mass of cobweb lace of extraordinary antiquity and frailness, mounted on a lining of silver gauze.

    This gives one a realizing sense of the frailness of a Mississippi boat and the briefness of its life.

    Yet though the essence of her bodily being was, as I knew, so frail, there was no show of frailness in her gracious presence.

Word Origin & History of - frailness

    Word Origin & History

    frail mid-14c., "morally weak," from O.Fr. frele, from L. fragilis "easily broken" (see fragility). Sense of "liable to break" is first recorded in English late 14c. The U.S. slang noun meaning "a woman" is attested from 1908.

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