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Word Example of - frailty

    Example Sentences for frailty

    You know how all men speak well and piously, and act otherwise, as advantage or frailty prompts.

    The interval was passed with the young lady of frailty and beauty.

    He tried to raise her chin that his lips might put the seal of frailty upon hers, but she resisted him firmly, inexorably.

    I did not know then the weakness, and frailty, and grossness of the human clay.

    I knew not the frailty of the support on which I built my expectations.

    And, by the frailty of those they have triumphed over, they judge of all the rest.

    I have heard people complain of the frailty of these verses of Seumas O'Sullivan.

    Naomi's frailty appeared to be not only of the body but also of the spirit.

    The cause lay in those qualities of human nature which may be either power or frailty.

    She wanted to draw a veil over her frailty, but I wouldn't let her.

Word Origin & History of - frailty

    Word Origin & History

    frailty mid-14c., from O.Fr. frailté, from L. fragilitatem, from fragilis (see fragility). Related: Frailties.

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