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Word Example of - frame

    Example Sentences for frame

    The thought of her was life and death in his frame, bright heaven and the abyss.

    He could not frame the words; it was too much to ask—he must leave it to come from her.

    Dr. Wardan liked the frame of the observations, disliked the substance.

    Pearce could not frame a reply, at least, satisfactory to himself.

    The bracing effect of the sea air was being felt in every fibre of my frame.

    His eyes were closed, his lips were blue and ashy, and his frame was motionless.

    The effigies of dead men and women stared at you from every second frame.

    This frame can be easily adjusted to fit over the paper on the screen.

    Now the contents cannot furnish the frame into which they fit.

    Focusing, of course, must be done without the frame in place.

Word Origin & History of - frame

    Word Origin & History

    frame O.E. framian "to profit, be helpful, make progress," from fram "vigorous, bold," originally "going forward;" influenced by related O.E. fremman "help forward, promote, further, do, perform, accomplish," and by O.N. fremja "to further, execute" (see from). Sense focused in M.E. from "make ready" to "prepare timber for building" (late 14c.). Meaning of "compose, devise" is first attested 1540s. The noun meaning "established order, plan" and that of "human body" are both first recorded 1590s; originally the noun meant "the rack" (late 14c.). Meaning "building" is from early 15c.; that of "border ...or case for a picture or pane of glass" is from c.1600. Of bicycles, from 1871; of motor cars, from 1900. The criminal slang sense of "blame an innocent person" (1920s) is probably from earlier sense of "plot in secret" (1900), perhaps ultimately from meaning "fabricate a story with evil intent," first attested 1510s. Related: Framed; framing. Frame of reference is 1897, from mechanics and graphing; the figurative sense is attested from 1924.

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