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Word Example of - framework

    Example Sentences for framework

    Straight poles were laid across these to form a crude imitation of beams and the other framework of a building.

    On this framework they lay the split trunks of smaller palms for flooring.

    The form of the charts is a parallelogram constructed on a framework of cane or other light wood.

    Next day the framework of the house was put up, and on the day after the walls.

    Then he gives me the framework of what old Vincenzo had been telling him.

    It would be well to paint the framework with one coat before covering.

    Tying the intellectual aspects onto the framework of competitive sports was a little more difficult, but not overwhelmingly so.

    In every framework of thought which man had ever devised, the circle was prominent, vital.

    Its earlier meaning is a framework to support candles, usually put round the coffin at a funeral.

    This is Chactas, important in René and also in the Natchez framework.

Word Origin & History of - framework

    Word Origin & History

    framework 1640s, from frame + work (n.). Figurative sense is from 1816.

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