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Word Example of - frank

    Example Sentences for frank

    Frank was angry, but he held himself in restraint, appearing cool.

    Frank was his younger and only brother, and the person in the world most deeply indebted to him.

    The draughts without, Frank, are a little too powerful for the draughts within, I fear.

    Frank deserves the simplest and freshest confidence from me.

    I hope, Frank, you don't imagine that there's any danger of drink?

    Frank Lyman had exhorted them simply, while the Freshmen were attacking their nine.

    I might now be dean of a college or a second Dr. Frank Crane.

    Now Frank showed him the folly of such a step, and Frank knew about things.

    "Never fear for me," returned Carlos, with his frank, pleasant smile.

    Frank, meaning of the word, 'brave' rather than 'free,' 37-8.

Word Origin & History of - frank

    Word Origin & History

    frank c.1300, from O.Fr. franc "free, sincere, genuine," from M.L. Franc "a freeman, a Frank," one of the Germanic people that conquered Celtic Gaul from the Romans c.500 C.E. and called it France, from Frankish *Frank (cf. O.H.G. Franko, O.E. Franca). The connection is that only Franks, as the conquering class, had the status of freemen. Sense of "outspoken" first recorded in English 1540s. The origin of the ethnic name is uncertain; it traditionally is said to be from the old Germanic word *frankon "javelin, lance" (cf. O.E. franca; also Saxon, traditionally from root of O.E. seax "knife"), their ...preferred weapon, but the opposite may be the case. In the Levant, this was the name given to anyone of Western nationality (cf. Feringhee). Verbal sense of "to free a letter for carriage or an article for publication" (1708) is from Fr. affranchir, from the same source.

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