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Word Example of - fray

    Example Sentences for fray

    Justice is without passion; but War lets loose all the worst passions, while "Chance, high arbiter, more embroils the fray."

    Jimmy McLoughlin spit on his hands as if in preparation for the fray.

    On that morning Sawyer's command was entitled to be in front and the first in the fray.

    Odysseus and Telemachos rushed into the fray with double-edged swords.

    When we got on board, we examined into the occasion of this fray.

    His father died suddenly, from a stab that he received in a fray.

    This declaration was not communicated to the archbishop, because the work was composed by Fray Dominic de Roxas.

    I saw the fray and, though I knew thee not, I greatly feared for one so brave.

    The combat surged backwards and forwards until, at 11.30, the 2nd Bavarian Brigade joined in the fray.

    Even at an early age, I found that I had not the heart for the fray.

Word Origin & History of - fray

    Word Origin & History

    fray mid-14c., "feeling of alarm," shortening of affray (q.v.; see also afraid). Meaning "a brawl, a fight" is from early 15c.

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