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Word Example of - frazzle

    Example Sentences for frazzle

    To fret ourselves into a frazzle over it, is to accomplish less than nothing;—it is to enter upon the pathway to destruction.

    "How some folks will wear a tune to a frazzle," was the disconcerting reply.

    Well, an expert safe-buster rode Bill Talpers's iron treasure-chest to a frazzle the other night.

    From school she went to college and worked herself to a frazzle.

    He'll ketch the thief, for he's sartainly got Sherlock Holmes beat to a frazzle.

    "Well, next time don't stay till you're worn to a frazzle," she said.

    Mrs. Carroll 'n Miss Sydney—are they wore to a frazzle takin' care o' him?

    But just wait till we get a new one made, we'll beat you to a frazzle!

    The events of the day before, coupled with those of the ten days preceding had worn him down to a frazzle of his old self.

    Between the heat and the puzzle we were reduced to a frazzle.

Word Origin & History of - frazzle

    Word Origin & History

    frazzle c.1825, from E.Anglian variant of 17c. fasel "to unravel, fray" (like the end of a rope), from M.E. facelyn "to fray," from fasylle "fringe, frayed edge," dim. of O.E. fæs "fringe." Probably influenced in form by fray (v.). Related: Frazzled.