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Word Example of - friends

    Example Sentences for friends

    Friends and fellow citizens, we must make the world free for democracy.

    To Virtue only and her friends a friend, The world beside may murmur, or commend.

    "They must expect a delegation of their own friends," guessed Marjorie.

    He lit a bedside candle which merely troubled his friends' sleep.

    After a death the friends of the family should call in person inside of a month.

    The friends assured each other that they should never forget this day.

    And as to speaking of his friends on his first visit, I don't see why he should have done so at all.

    It rejoiced her to see her friends around her again in this way.

    If I have, I shall be well paid for writing the history of Bertie and his friends.

    I had not done so; but I had said enough to enable my friends to know who he was when the squire came.

Word Origin & History of - friends

    Word Origin & History

    friend O.E. freond, prp. of freogan "to love, to favor," from P.Gmc. *frijojanan "to love" (cf. O.N. frændi, O.Fris. friund, M.H.G. friunt, Ger. Freund, Goth. frijonds "friend," all alike from prp. forms). Related to O.E. freo "free." Meaning "a Quaker" (a member of the Society of Friends) is from 1670s. Feond ("fiend," originally "enemy") and freond often were paired alliteratively in O.E.; both are masculine agent nouns derived from prp. of verbs, but are not directly related to one another. Related: Friends. As a verb, in the Facebook sense, attested from 2005.