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Word Example of - frolic

    Example Sentences for frolic

    But these matters have no value save as a field wherein Thought, like a wise lamb, may frolic merrily.

    There were half a dozen of them, and they seemed to be engaged in a frolic.

    "Ay, ay, sir," replied the seamen as cheerfully as if there was only a frolic before them.

    It was a frolic all day and till midnight, when the Blanche's passengers returned to her.

    A fine clear skin, pink cheeks and a plump figure, and an inexhausible flow of spirits, ready for any fun or frolic.

    His splendid vitality overflowed at times in frolic and extravagance.

    Beseech me from the grass; Wings frolic in the air, And graze me as they pass.

    And every night he joined the big Meadow Mouse family in a frolic.

    In a symphony, as in many a frolic, the tinge of latent melancholy will appear.

    The desire to play and frolic seems to be a heritage of mankind.

Word Origin & History of - frolic

    Word Origin & History

    frolic 1530s, as an adj., from M.Du. vrolyc (adj.) "happy," from vro- "merry, glad," + lyc "like." Cognate of Ger. fröhlich "happy." The verb is first attested 1580s. Related: Frolicked; frolicking.

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