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Word Example of - front

    Example Sentences for front

    But, with a movement of great swiftness, Garson got in front of her, and barred her going.

    There was a heavy iron door in front of it that opened slowly.

    She did not pass in front of a public ball-room without going in.

    "You will find a boat on the shore just in front of you," began the other.

    The Russians began retreating from the northern Carpathian front.

    As I seated myself I saw a customer come up to the front bar.

    As he passed along the road a woman was pounding away in front of him.

    The steersman climbed to the dock, to halt a pace in front of Gerda.

    Callack stood in front of the tent from which the captives were led by the Indians.

    I'll shoot either of you if you play the fool in front of me again.

Word Origin & History of - front

    Word Origin & History

    front late 13c., from O.Fr. front "forehead, brow," from L. frontem (nom. frons) "forehead," perhaps lit. "that which projects," from PIE *bhront-, from base *bhren- "to project, stand out." Sense of "foremost part of anything" developed in L. The military sense of "foremost part of an army" (mid-14c.) led to the meaning "field of operations in contact with the enemy" (1660s). Home front is from 1919. Sense of "public facade" is from 1891; that of "something serving as a cover for illegal activities" is from 1905. Meteorological sense first recorded 1921. The verb is from 1520s. Related: Fronted; ...fronting. Front yard first attested 1767.

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