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The Synonym of - frontage (noun)

Word Example of - frontage

    Example Sentences for frontage

    The chapel and old library which form the west side of this court, and also the frontage to the street, had been built in 1475.

    A hole was dug in the ground, with a frontage toward the wind.

    If rain came they were to drop it, and make their way into the frontage by another road.

    The lot has a frontage of seventy-five feet, and a depth of sixty-seven feet.

    Mr. Morris thinks 10,000 impossible, though he is here calculating on yards of frontage on a site where the battle was not fought.

    Thirty-two were seen on its frontage, the work of a Swiss clockmaker.

    No time was given for the issue of orders, no frontage or direction was given, no signal communication was arranged.

    The frontage of the whole was about 165 feet, by a width of 18 feet.

    And below, the building was broad and massive, with a frontage of pillars over great arched windows.

    And one by one these all found their way into the frontage of the Free Kirk.

Word Origin & History of - frontage

    Word Origin & History

    frontage 1620s, from front + -age.

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