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Word Example of - frontal

    Example Sentences for frontal

    Apical horn straight conical, frontal horns curved laterally.

    For their submarines are useless in frontal attack against our shores!

    There were irregular superficial lacerations over the basular or inferior aspects of the left temporal and frontal lobes.

    Frontal: referring to the front of head or anterior aspect of any part.

    Shell-mantle one and a third times as long as broad, its frontal perimeter heptagonal, with seven concave sides.

    McDowell was making a frontal attack and sending in his brigades piecemeal.

    Frontal ring square, constricted on the sides by the equatorial ring.

    If you ever lead an army you will deal only in frontal attacks—and defeats.

    It lays its eggs on the edges of the animal's nostrils, and the larva lives in the frontal and maxillary sinuses.

    See these peculiarities in the frontal sinus—in sinciput or occiput!

Word Origin & History of - frontal

    Word Origin & History

    frontal 1650s, of the forehead; 1971 with reference to the naked body; from M.L. frontalis, from front-, stem of frons "brow, forehead." Or in some cases probably from front + adj. suffix -al (1).