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The Synonym of - frontispiece (noun)

Word Example of - frontispiece

    Example Sentences for frontispiece

    A final word of praise is due the excellent group photograph of the Woodbees which forms the frontispiece of the magazine.

    The first plate in the book is dated 1893, and serves as a frontispiece.

    Still, up to this day, the fixture of a nose upon the puppet-hero's frontispiece has not been attempted.

    The portrait of Signorelli in the frontispiece is the half of this painting.

    First edition, on large paper, with frontispiece by M. Van der Gucht.

    The head of Luca is reproduced, divided from the other, as the frontispiece.

    Lately published, with a Frontispiece, and thirty other Engravings, price 5s.

    These are the bust in Stratford Church and the frontispiece to the folio of 1623.

    The falling body of a man in the frontispiece is a remarkable drawing.

    Cover and Frontispiece in colors, and Verses adapted to the Illustrations.

Word Origin & History of - frontispiece

    Word Origin & History of frontispiece

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