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Word Example of - frown

    Example Sentences for frown

    "It's pretty," said the woman, then caught the frown on the man's face.

    "The arrows of your wit must not take me for their target," she said, and made a pretence to frown.

    And Armstrong read, his forehead slowly grooving into something very like a frown.

    Then realizing from her frown that she did not understand him, he returned to Bomongo.

    Mrs. O'Toole stood in the doorway with a rough stick in her left hand and a frown on her brow.

    The girl gave her father a frown of protest, but Mayo smiled at her.

    He tapped upon his desk with the pencil he held, and a frown gathered between his eyes.

    But Uncle Charlie, with brows drawn into a frown, was wondering.

    At a small common table in the centre of the room sat Gascoigne's judge, with the same cold face, only darkened now by a frown.

    Is it the thought of Wolsey which makes him frown—or is he wondering where he left his catapult?

Word Origin & History of - frown

    Word Origin & History

    frown late 14c., from O.Fr. froignier "to frown or scowl, snort," related to frongne "scowling look," probably from Gaulish *frogna "nostril" (cf. Welsh ffroen "nose"), with a sense of "snort," or perhaps "haughty grimace." Related: Frowned; frowning.The noun is from 1580s.