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Word Example of - frustrate

    Example Sentences for frustrate

    You would help these men to hunt me and frustrate me in my designs!

    And now is the time to frustrate their (the Indians) intentions, and keep the country while we are in it.

    He also,” added Mr. Wapshot, “vented his malignant slander against me; but Heaven was pleased to frustrate his base schemes.

    But there was always a Great Power to frustrate these designs.

    I also determined to frustrate this attempt to exclude the Allies from participation, and gave the order to my own men to move.

    Cleveland, baffled and frustrate, straightened up and shut off his cameras.

    And yet wilt thou be cold and slothful, and frustrate all these means and mercies?

    Her hand was caught, however, by Meestagoosh, in time to frustrate her intention.

    Forget not the capital end, and frustrate not the opportunity of once living.

    Not to frustrate his design, she always gave him her company on high-days and holidays.

Word Origin & History of - frustrate

    Word Origin & History

    frustrate mid-15c., from L. frustratus, pp. of frustrari "to deceive, disappoint, frustrate," from frustra (adv.) "in vain, in error," related to fraus "injury, harm." Related: Frustrated; frustrating.

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