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Word Example of - frustration

    Example Sentences for frustration

    There was frustration and anger in his face, and it hid the fear beneath it like a mask.

    He felt, of course, the mockery of this frustration of his powers.

    In an agony of frustration, Bennett saw the flesh of her forehead remain clear and undisturbed.

    The frustration and the exposure of that plot has increased our reputation an hundredfold.

    At the end of a day in which he had written nothing new, he went to bed with a sense of frustration, of failure and emptiness.

    His grandfather had often discussed this frustration in human life.

    They became silent under Emil's gaze of acute pathos—human life aware of its present frustration.

    The Smith County boys, along with the other militiamen, were in a fury of frustration.

    Another spasm of frustration shook him and he slammed his fist down on the sacred desk.

    He wanted to throw himself down from his horse and weep with frustration.

Word Origin & History of - frustration

    Word Origin & History

    frustration 1550s, from L. frustrationem, noun of action from frustrari (see frustrate).

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