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Word Example of - fulcrum

    Example Sentences for fulcrum

    The fulcrum lever is pivoted at c, and has an iron plate at e, and suspends a weight at its end which serves to put on the feed.

    Here's the heap of stone he used as a fulcrum for his lever.

    It is an all-potent lever, but it must be furnished with a fulcrum on which to rest, and a direction in which to bear.

    Archimedes said he could lift the world with a lever if he had a fulcrum.

    It is hinged upon a fulcrum which slides upon the two vertical rods shown in the illustration.

    I discovered that my soul had been using it daily as a kind of fulcrum for all things.

    Another pry, with the sill for a fulcrum, and there was a hole big enough for a body to get through.

    This pad acted as a fulcrum on which the arm rested as a lever.

    Put a spool over the nail which was your fulcrum in the first two experiments.

    But a balloon is the sport of a single power; it has no fulcrum.

Word Origin & History of - fulcrum

    Word Origin & History

    fulcrum 1670s, "a prop, a support," borrowing of L. fulcrum "bedpost," from fulcire "to prop up, support" (see balk).

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