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Word Example of - fulfillment

    Example Sentences for fulfillment

    Many by reception defeat their fulfillment, quite as many, probably, as bring their fulfillment by being received.

    There is an infinite promise of the fulfillment of righteousness in these words.

    She never dreamed that he would chivalrously exact its fulfillment.

    The fulfillment of these requirements can never be relegated to literacy.

    Half of our fulfillment comes through love, through strong, sensual love.

    But the problem at hand was the fulfillment of all his psychopathic urges.

    Yet they still have faith in Him, these children of His, who have waited for the fulfillment of His promises.

    In this way: The fulfillment of the promise and of the threat was in the future.

    The condition most difficult of fulfillment is the absolute darkness of the screen before which the photographs are taken.

    Art is aid and inspiration, but its fulfillment and end is life.

Word Origin & History of - fulfillment

    Word Origin & History

    fulfillment 1775, from fulfill + -ment.

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