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Word Example of - full

    Example Sentences for full

    He might degrade Marcolina by mockery and lascivious phrases, full of innuendo.

    "I wish you could see him in full action," Oscar was saying.

    The solemn prelude began from a full concert of the various instruments.

    The king was delighted, for it was indeed a very nice castle, full of riches.

    It was too small; it was full of furniture which got in her way.

    She writes on the same subjects to you, no doubt, for her heart is full of them.

    But to-day is perfect, and to-night will be fair with the moon at its full.

    The wreck was very low down, and I concluded that she was full of water.

    By this time they had reached the hotel, the steps and hall of which were full of people.

    When we were off Fort Taylor, we had a full view of the harbor, but the Islander was not to be seen.

Word Origin & History of - full

    Word Origin & History

    full O.E. full "completely, full," from P.Gmc. *fullaz (cf. O.Fris. ful, O.N. fullr, O.H.G. fol, Ger. voll, Goth. fulls), from PIE *ple- (see plenary). Adverbial sense was common in M.E. (full well, full many, etc.). Related: Fuller; fullest. Full moon was O.E. fulles monan; first record of full-blood in relation to racial purity is from 1812. Full house is 1710 in the theatrical sense, 1887 in the poker sense.

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