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Word Example of - fulsome

    Example Sentences for fulsome

    All his jovial manner and fulsome courtesy was gone; and in his flushed face and insolent look the savage rascal was revealed.

    It was praised with the most fulsome adulation; assailed with the most violent condemnation.

    Then Vatteville found that he had gone too far, and resorted to the most fulsome flattery in order to conciliate the irate king.

    No adulation was too fulsome for her, no flattery of her beauty too gross.

    With so much suffering in the world, how fulsome seems that gay music!

    If the air of the streets be fulsome, then fields be at hand.

    I readily consented, and he took his staff and walked beside me, pouring out his soul in fulsome flattery.

    He is critical, but not captious; laudatory, but not fulsome.

    And flesh that is Tidie, to terme it rather, Fatte: then Fulsome.

    His praise was as close to fulsome flattery as it could be and not overstep the mark.

Word Origin & History of - fulsome

    Word Origin & History

    fulsome M.E. compound of ful "full" + -som "some." Sense evolved from "abundant, full" (mid-13c.) to "plump, well-fed" (mid-14c.) to "overgrown, overfed" (1640s) and thus, of language, "offensive to taste or good manners" (1660s). Since the 1960s, however, it commonly has been used in its original, favorable sense, especially in fulsome praise.

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