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Word Example of - fulsomeness

    Example Sentences for fulsomeness

    Quite recently he had been treated by Punch with a benevolence that bordered on fulsomeness.

    He depraves his appetite with haut-gousts, as old fornicators do their lechery into fulsomeness and stinks.

Word Origin & History of - fulsomeness

    Word Origin & History

    fulsome M.E. compound of ful "full" + -som "some." Sense evolved from "abundant, full" (mid-13c.) to "plump, well-fed" (mid-14c.) to "overgrown, overfed" (1640s) and thus, of language, "offensive to taste or good manners" (1660s). Since the 1960s, however, it commonly has been used in its original, favorable sense, especially in fulsome praise.

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