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Word Example of - function

    Example Sentences for function

    As to finding a function for you in society, there was no hesitation as to what that would be.

    No mention is made anywhere of any function of a priest in connection with it.

    The same variety of function is acquired by the ear in its development from its simplest to its most complex form.

    There is no reference to any religious blessing or other function of the clergy.

    At this point we begin to see just what is the function of Homer who has inherited a vast mass of poetic material.

    With such languages, we can control the function, and even the logic of the language.

    Man's function as a force of nature was to assimilate other forces as he assimilated food.

    Today, the function of each is different from what it was when he referred to them.

    I hope, Doctor Dollar, it is not to be a function of the new faculty to collaborate in the concealment of crime and criminals?

    Surely the function of the artist was to voice life, yet what did I know of life?

Word Origin & History of - function

    Word Origin & History

    function 1530s, from M.Fr. fonction, from O.Fr. function, from L. functio (gen. functionis) "performance, execution," from functus, pp. of fungi "perform, execute, discharge." Use in mathematics probably begun by Leibnitz (1692). As a verb, from 1856. Related: Functioned; functioning.

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