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Word Example of - fund

    Example Sentences for fund

    Petitions from opposite quarters with regard to the disposition of the fund attest a prevailing interest.

    In the very change of employments, there is a fund of recreation.

    As is well known, the expenses of the educational department are defrayed from the other half of the income of the fund.

    Yet how prodigal his contributions to mankind's fund of culture!

    During the Lancashire cotton famine I lectured several times in aid of the fund.

    Among the first to start a fund for the sufferers was the New York Herald.

    It does not seem advisable that the fund should be kept to meet such applications.

    First of all a fund of $10,000 to be spent for firewood, etc., for the poor.

    Before, however, a dividend is paid, a part of the profits is often carried to a “reserve 332 fund.”

    A fund of amusing anecdotes rippled from Mr. Wright's tongue.

Word Origin & History of - fund

    Word Origin & History of - fund

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