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Word Example of - funds

    Example Sentences for funds

    I know that my genius will supply the lack, but it would go more quickly with the help of funds.

    I had bought a new porte-monnaie in New Orleans, and all my funds were in it.

    The company, Ezra explained to Carol, had no funds for giving pensions.

    A college, too, would be of great value if funds for it could be collected.

    Colton gives an instance of trust justified on an occasion when, pressed for funds, he created a "trusty."

    But the Marquis, for the moment, did not have any funds to give him.

    His family lived at Vitre; his father and mother had fifteen hundred francs a year in the funds.

    It is your business to increase the funds, and mine to increase the wants.

    The books, records and funds of the company, are all kept in this safe.

    Inflation was not to be desired by the citizen who had in hand the funds to pay his debts.

Word Origin & History of - funds

    Word Origin & History of funds

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