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Word Example of - funk

    Example Sentences for funk

    He was ashamed of his funk—but the best of men get attacks of it in certain circumstances.

    How could I funk in the face of their weakness—I, who lived aft in the high place?

    The Indian Government is much too timid with its money—like an old maiden aunt of mine—always in a funk about her investments.

    And you have the cheek to ask me if I'm in a funk, and to want to feel my hands.

    He was a "funk" through and through, and was frightened out of his wits about twelve times a day every day of his life.

    He cowered back down at their feet, his courage swamped in funk.

    I know Johnston's private opinion of me in this matter was that I was a funk, but he was too polite to say so.

    The only explanation that occurs to me is that you're in a funk.

    I had been meaning to go there ever so long, because everybody seems to funk it so.

    I stood up for you as long as I could, till you acted like a funk yesterday.

Word Origin & History of - funk

    Word Origin & History

    funk "depression, ill-humor," 1743, probably originally Scottish and northern English, earlier as a verb, "panic, fail through panic," (1737), said to be 17c. Oxford University slang, perhaps from Flem. fonck "perturbation, agitation, distress," possibly related to O.Fr. funicle "wild, mad."

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