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Word Example of - funny-business

    Example Sentences for funny

    Say, what a funny affair it was when you came to think of it!

    That which is broad is funny, but there is always a limit of toleration.

    "Funny we didn't think of this corn when we were so thirsty," said Phil.

    For the soul of it is the romantic, not the funny and the grotesque.

    As I was looking down on the top of his illustrious head, the question was funny.

    It was just the other's way of saying things—an odd, funny way.

    My mouth is funny, I know that, and it lops down, and my teeth are bad.

    It sounds silly, but everybody does it that way, and so you must, or he'll think you're funny.

    And then followed such a funny talk, I think I shall never forget it.

    In them was a funny look of surprise as he stared up at Jenny Wren.

Word Origin & History of - funny-business

    Word Origin & History

    funny "humorous," 1756, from fun (q.v.). Meaning "strange, odd" is 1806, said to be originally U.S. Southern. The two senses of the word lead to the retort question "funny ha-ha or funny peculiar," which is attested from 1938. Related: Funnier; funniest. Funny farm "mental hospital" is slang from 1963. Funny bone "elbow end of the humerus" is 1840; funnies "newspaper comic strips" is from 1852.

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