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Word Example of - fur

    Example Sentences for fur

    He is superbly dressed in a fur coat and an expensive cigar.

    It is sought-for on account of its fur, which is very valuable.

    "Oh, I was going this way anyway," smiled the man in the fur coat.

    The fur is generally of a blackish-grey hue, washed with a tinge of yellow.

    Now let's make a break, fur the quicker we get to work the sooner we'll get done.

    The colour of its fur resembles that of the deer in these forests.

    Even if they hed we would not hev heard it, fur the wind and the surf beatin' on the reef would hev drowned it.

    Of the other species, some have the fur of a blackish colour, some of a ruddy hue.

    The girl with the fur scarf and great bundle of music was coming out smiling.

    He did not wear lamb's fur, or a black cap, on a mourning visit.

Word Origin & History of - fur

    Word Origin & History of fur

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