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Word Example of - fuse

    Example Sentences for fuse

    To this he affixed a cap and fuse, and clapping on his tamp of clay, lit the fuse, and ran into the tunnel.

    On the previous occasion the fuse had mercifully failed to burn.

    "He has lighted the fuse of the bomb," she said to him excitedly.

    Then I was to light the fuse of the second cartridge and throw it in.

    A circuit chart should give (circuit description and fuse size, the maker's name).

    If he doubles this fuse in to self, he becomes a non-connective.

    Some attempted to fly; officers cried out to Alexis that they would spare him if he would extinguish the fuse.

    Get through into that stope with your fuse, man; I'll hand you the blasting stuff.

    Tooby sho', he tuck keer hisse'f, en ef you know de man w'at 'fuse ter take keer hisse'f, I lak mighty well ef you p'int 'im out.

    The dynamite, with the cap and fuse attached, was as McKildrick had placed it.

Word Origin & History of - fuse

    Word Origin & History

    fuse 1680s, "to melt," back formation from fusion. Figurative sense of "blending of different things" is first recorded 1776. Related: Fused; fusing.