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Word Example of - future

    Example Sentences for future

    This was, in fact, to be Cicero's political position in the future.

    Mr. Vainlove, shall I be bound for your good behaviour for the future?

    Because you and I will have plenty of money for our future, and we must dress up to our station.

    I have made it the rule of my life, and it is the ground of my future 494hopes.

    Is that the force that is to build the future and fashion the city of our dreams?

    He recoiled from the future, and at the moment of recoil came this offer of release.

    No, not exactly; but I tell you again, I mean to assure her future.

    What a miserable snob Henry was about family—and then for him to say that Tom had no future!

    The residue of the claim is reserved for future consideration.

    The future, therefore, is all a mystery; and so let it remain.

Word Origin & History of - future

    Word Origin & History

    future late 14c., from O.Fr. futur, from L. futurus "about to be," irregular suppletive future participle of esse "to be." The noun is modeled on L. futura, neut. plural of futurus.

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