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Word Example of - gainsay

    Example Sentences for gainsay

    When they heard this, they could not gainsay; for the Truth came over them.

    God has promised increase to the Church, and her enemies cannot gainsay it.

    Victor was vexed by the stranger's intrusion, but could not gainsay Mrs. Joyce.

    No one who knows half these facts can dispute or gainsay them.

    By some such reasoning as this Lady Dorothea persuaded herself to this course; and who should gainsay her?

    The title of Watt the Inventor is world-wide, and is so just and striking that there is none to gainsay.

    After the invading army had retired, no one will gainsay the sound sense of his behaviour.

    But no one could gainsay his eagerness and devotion to the cause.

    He seemed to take possession of her in a way that she could not gainsay, could not even refuse.

    I have my own roof, such as it is, and no one to gainsay me under it.

Word Origin & History of - gainsay

    Word Origin & History

    gainsay "to contradict," c.1300, lit. "say against," from O.E. gegn- "against" + say. "Solitary survival of a once common prefix" [Weekley], which was used to form such now-obsolete compounds as gain-taking "taking back again," gainclap "a counterstroke," gainbuy "redeem," and gainstand "to oppose." Related: Gainsaid; gainsaying.

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