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The Synonym of - galactic (adjective)

Word Example of - galactic

    Example Sentences for galactic

    Now, however, you are nearly at the stage where you will be invited to join the Galactic Federation.

    Awarding you the Galactic Medal of Honor makes a symbol of you.

    The Galactic Medal of Honor, the bearer of which can do no wrong.

    You transfer your passengers to this Galactic ship for deportation to other worlds!

    He saw the destruction of Atakar, and the capture of the galactic criminals who had depraved that city.

    He was using a protractor, which was divided into Galactic degrees.

    He was only beginning to realize the ramifications of his holding his Galactic Medal of Honor.

    There were only two alternatives: the Empire or Galactic anarchy.

    But tell me this: what in your opinion is the place of surgery in a Galactic practice of medicine?

    The responsibility was the Galactic Historian's alone and he did not take it lightly.

Word Origin & History of - galactic

    Word Origin & History

    galactic 1839, from L.L. galacticus, from galaxias (see galaxy).

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