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Word Example of - gallantry

    Example Sentences for gallantry

    But what right had he to defend from gallantry the woman he was about to forswear before the world?

    There were balls, and with them the first experience of gallantry.

    Still, we took the position owing to gallantry of men like your son.

    But it tried their gallantry as Frenchmen and their tact as Lorraine peasants.

    But however vexed the controversy over the cause of the explosion, there has been no denial of the gallantry of its victims.

    The gallantry of every one engaged was warmly commended by Captain Lascelles.

    Go and lavish your Beau Brummel gallantry on the wives of our leading citizens.

    Conscience has no more to do with gallantry than it has with politics.

    Gallantry forbade further discussion, and we shared the postmaster's dark closet with his wife and five squalling children.

    “I am indebted to you for life, and you acted with discernment as well as gallantry,” he said.

Word Origin & History of - gallantry

    Word Origin & History

    gallantry 1590s, "fine appearance," from Fr. galanterie, from O.Fr. galant (see gallant). Meaning "gallant behavior" is from 1630s.

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