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The Synonym of - gallery (noun)

Word Example of - gallery

    Example Sentences for gallery

    She had but just done so when they heard the steps of the other soldier in the gallery.

    I went afterwards into the gallery of the palace, and wandered for an hour from room to room.

    They were now standing on the gallery, at the head of the great staircase.

    To his surprise it was full—orchestra, balcony, and gallery.

    When the hirelings in the gallery hailed the Queen, they were hushed by the pit.

    This gallery also contained the masterpieces of their most celebrated sculptors.

    As for your weapons, you are to place them in the gallery where you can find them easily.

    There were some young men in the gallery when our party came up.

    Ashwoode sprang up the stairs of the gallery which, as in most old inns, overhung the yard.

    Strangers in Gallery rubbed their eyes and asked what this might portend?

Word Origin & History of - gallery

    Word Origin & History

    gallery 1500, from M.Fr. galerie "a long portico," from M.L. galeria, of uncertain origin, perhaps alteration of galilea "church porch," which is probably from L. Galilaea "Galilee," the northernmost region of Palestine; church porches sometimes were so called from being at the far end of the church. Sense of "building to house art" first recorded 1591; that of "people who occupy a (theater) gallery" (contrasted with "gentlemen of the pit") first by Lovelace, 1649, hence to play to the gallery (1872)."Super altare Beatæ Mariæ in occidentali porte ejusdem ecclesiæ quæ Galilæ ...a vocatur." [c.1186 charter in "Durham Cathedral"]

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