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Word Example of - gammon

    Example Sentences for gammon

    "Mas' Gammon's a rare old man," said the farmer, emphatically.

    “Why, I know how to gammon a bowsprit,” I replied, looking at him very hard.

    But you must own, Mr. Gammon, it shows we've licked him into shape a bit—eh?

    Yes, brother, but Pakomovna was born on a common not far from the sign of the gammon.

    Gammon saw that he was, in truth, in an exceedingly ticklish condition.

    "That's all very pretty, but it 's all gammon in my opinion," responded Henry.

    We sometimes imagine that Mr. Gammon must have had in view the securing Yatton for himself!

    On the Monday evening, Master Gammon was at the station with the cart.

    Every philosopher has his weak points, and in the Sylva Sylvarum may be found some gammon of Bacon.

    The rustic is deluded by false hopes, for his daily food is gammon.

Word Origin & History of - gammon

    Word Origin & History

    gammon 1486, from O.N.Fr. gambon "ham," from gambe "leg," from L.L. gamba "leg of an animal." Originally "the ham or haunch of a swine."

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