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Word Example of - gang

    Example Sentences for gang

    There were three in the gang and they got him and the radio paper which was stolen from our file.

    I'm going to tell you a comical tale about a gang of blackmailers.

    Yell hae to gang ben, gudeman, said she, and speak to Watty.

    For one thing, I am going to work to undo some of the mischief which the gang have wrought.

    Another is stolen, and the gang is ready for business again.

    It was true, as Boundary said, that the gang was scared—and badly scared.

    Here the Portuguese gave a peculiar whistle, which was too low to be heard by the guards, who were busy marshalling the gang.

    I stood for the law, and yet—I broke that gang, which the law could not touch.

    Maybe I can't fight half a dozen thugs of your gang, but I can handle you, all right, without any help!

    I was introduced to them, and their leader, surnamed El Dancaire, enrolled me in his gang.

Word Origin & History of - gang

    Word Origin & History

    gang O.E. gong "a going, journey, way, passage," and O.N. gangr "a group of men, a set," both from P.Gmc. *gangaz (noun of action related to *gangan "to go"), from PIE base *ghengh- "to step" (cf. Skt. jangha "shank," Avestan zanga- "ankle," Lith. zengiu "I stride"). The sense evolution is probably via meaning "a set of articles that are usually taken together in going," especially a set of tools used on the same job. By 1620s this had been extended in nautical speech to mean "a company of workmen," and by 1630s the word was being used, with disapproving overtones, for "any band of persons traveling ...together." Gangway preserves the original sense of the word, as does gangplank (1846, Amer.Eng., replacing earlier gang-board). To gang up (on) is first attested 1925. To come on like gangbusters (c.1940) is from radio drama "Gangbusters" (1937-57) which always opened with a cacophony of sirens, screams, shots, and jarring music. Gang of Four (1976) translates Chinese sirenbang, the nickname given to the four leaders of the Cultural Revolution who took the fall in Communist China after the death of Mao.

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