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Word Example of - gangrene

    Example Sentences for gangrene

    This rare termination in gangrene has been noted by other observers; in all five or six times.

    Of course, if gangrene occurs, the man is permanently invalided.

    But dishonour was the "gangrene of a nation," and only the republic could cure that.

    Only the new antibiotics he had taken along, had kept the gangrene from killing him.

    It is an antiputrid, and is especially indicated when septic complications and gangrene are present.

    Scurvy and gangrene frequently existed in the same individual.

    As far as my observation extended, very few of the cases of amputation for gangrene recovered.

    We have Erysipelas, fever and gangrene, and the Russian wounded are the worst.

    For Marius had gas gangrene, and gangrene is death, and it was the smell of death that the others complained of.

    A scratch on the hand would result in gangrene and prove fatal.

Word Origin & History of - gangrene

    Word Origin & History

    gangrene 1543, from L. gangræna, from Gk. gangraina "an eating or gnawing sore," lit. "that which eats away," reduplicated form of gran- "to gnaw," from PIE base *gras-.

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