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Word Example of - gas

    Example Sentences for gas

    What has happened is this: The gas was tightly compressed in the tank.

    Not far above Niagara Falls there was a spring of gas which flowed for years.

    At least one of us will be here at all times, equipped with gas guns.

    Afterwards, with a sigh, he closed the safe and turned down the gas.

    She did not light the gas, but sat by the window watching the passers-by in the street.

    We speak of our coal deposits and oil and gas wells as inexhaustible.

    Bind yourself to do it by amending the charter so that the highest price your gas can be sold at will be sixty cents.

    The Germans are using a new kind of gas bomb that blinds the men.

    Equally good results were procured in tests of Florida and Michigan peat operated in the gas producer.

    But he says that if they fire a shell, that is what is to be dreaded, for the gas, once aflame!

Word Origin & History of - gas

    Word Origin & History of gas

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