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Word Example of - gassing

    Example Sentences for gassing

    After gassing us and strafing us heavily a raid in considerable force was sent over by the Germans.

    The pirate was flying just ahead of the big plane, very likely gassing them.

    When the battery approaches full charge, the fact is evidenced by so-called "gassing" or giving off of bubbles.

    Mr. Hopkins was not altogether so sure that Jim had been "only gassing."

    Well, I like it a jolly sight better than fugging up in those carriages with all that gassing crowd of Garden Home fussers.

    If you get gassing a lot, you might tumble in for almost anything.

    Such yarns are usually passed through what is termed a "gassing" machine.

    As I have told you, he goes and cures people when they are ill, instead of gassing about it.

    Cotton, for example, is mercerized by passing it very rapidly through a gassing machine not unlike the flame of a Bunsen burner.

    "Oh, you mustn't take Mildred's gassing too seriously," he advised.

Word Origin & History of - gassing

    Word Origin & History of gassing

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