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Word Example of - gate

    Example Sentences for gate

    She yelled; and the knights, laughing, took the lout, And thrust him from the gate.

    There they are, peeping at us, one head behind another, from that gate.

    He had been chasing her for his answer, and she had escaped him through a gate.

    There is always some Mordecai sitting at the gate to mar the enjoyment.

    And when they came to a gate they sat down in the grass by the wayside.

    The tourists were permitted to enter at the gate, though the guide was excluded.

    Mr. Purcey was coming from the gate, his eyes fixed on the window where the girl stood.

    There was a great clump of flaming poinsettia at the Payson gate.

    Then, mutely as before, He closed the gate, and vanished from the view.

    The flotilla drew around the curving water-front and toward the Gate.

Word Origin & History of - gate

    Word Origin & History

    gate O.E. gæt (pl. geatu) "opening, passage," from P.Gmc. *gatan (cf. O.N., O.S., O.Fris., Du. gat "an opening"), of unknown origin. Meaning "money collected from selling tickets" dates from 1896. Gate-crasher is from 1927.

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