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The Synonym of - gauze (noun)

Word Example of - gauze

    Example Sentences for gauze

    Slowly he related his story while his mother bent over her needle, spangling with brilliants a gauze of azure hue.

    I've got to have a couple of needles, a little catgut and some gauze.

    The amphitheatre bent above the parquette its garland of diamonds, hair, gauze, and satin.

    I was as regularly netted as if a gauze veil had been thrown over me.

    A trifle of gauze traveled over one shoulder, leaving the other bare save for a supporting strap of tiny scarlet beads.

    Let her go as Ariel, all gauze, flesh-tints, and natural curves.

    His head had emerged slowly, month by month, from swathings of gauze.

    She hailed the happy thought and invested in countless yards of gauze.

    The small pad of gauze, which Miss Merriman laid over the baby's face, grew moist; a strange, pungent odor began to fill the room.

    There was further, in the wonderful box, an old remnant of gauze.

Word Origin & History of - gauze

    Word Origin & History

    gauze 1560s, from Fr. gaze, apparently from Arabic gazz "raw silk," or from Gaza, Palestinian city associated with production of this fabric.