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Word Example of - geld

    Example Sentences for geld

    One-third of the geld was paid to Geoffrey de Coutances, bishop of Exeter, who threw up the earthworks of the castle.

    Geld, money, has no connection with gold, but is cognate with Eng.

    A quiet owl stole by in the geld below, and vanished into the heart of a tree.

    Of course the state will endeavour to collect the geld in big sums.

    In Martinesleie Wapentake there is a hundred in which there are 12 carucates for geld and there can be 48 teams.

    The petty maneria of Suffolk, what can they be but holdings which geld by themselves?

    Of York we read: In the geld of the city are 84 carucates of land, each of which gelds as much as one house in the city.

    He who has seven houses against which geld is charged is a big man.

    The number of hides that is put before us is the number of hides for geld.

    The scotum in this context seems to be or to include the geld.

Word Origin & History of - geld

    Word Origin & History

    geld "royal tax in Medieval England," O.E. gield "payment, tribute" (cf. M.H.G. gelt "payment, contribution," Ger. geld "money," O.N. gjald "payment," Goth. gild "tribute, tax"), from PIE base of yield (q.v.).

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