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Word Example of - genealogy

    Example Sentences for genealogy

    In so far as it was conscious, it was defiantly independent of genealogy.

    Lauzanne knew what had come to him of genealogy, not in his mind so much as in his muscles.

    The genealogy of Matthew possesses peculiar points of interest to a would-be believer.

    And the genealogy of this hypothesis is as high as that of the other is low.

    Is it so, Mistress Ridd, according to your theory of genealogy?'

    A female name closes the branch or twig of the genealogy in which it occurs.

    I have seen an authentic account of his genealogy, which he obtained from Tuscany.

    This again led Moslim critics to the study of genealogy and geography.

    To the end of the world, Christians were to regulate their political conduct simply according to the genealogy of their ruler.

    From the time of Ali they have kept a careful record of their genealogy.

Word Origin & History of - genealogy

    Word Origin & History

    genealogy c.1300, from O.Fr. genealogie, from L.L. genealogia "tracing of a family," from Gk. genealogia, from genea "generation, descent" (see genus) + logos "student of."

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