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What is a better word for general? What's another word for general? What are 5 "general synonyms"? How can I replace the word general? What is the meaning of general in English?

Word Example of - general

    Example Sentences for general

    These presumably came into general use on January 1st, 1916.

    But it all goes in with my general incompetence to grasp opportunity.

    He retreated, carrying with him the best arms he could select for the use of his general.

    General maxims, unless they be formed upon both, will be but notional, v.10.

    The General had written to the boy's mother about him; but he had not been home.

    On the glass panel of its door was the announcement: "General Exporter."

    The terms proposed by General Duquesne were extremely liberal.

    But the thing that struck me most was the general aspect of the country.

    Smith says in his "General Historie" they reached Powhatan on the 26th.

    The hour arranged upon for the general assault was fast approaching.

Word Origin & History of - general

    Word Origin & History

    general c.1300 (implied in generally), from L. generalis "relating to all, of a whole class" (contrasted with specialis), from genus (gen. generis) "stock, kind" (see genus). Noun sense of "commander of an army" is 1576 shortening of captain general, from M.Fr. capitaine général. The title generalissimo (1621) is from It., superlative of generale, from a sense development similar to the Fr.