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The Synonym of - generalissimo (noun)

Word Example of - generalissimo

    Example Sentences for generalissimo

    Before he was advanc'd to be a Doge, which was in 1722, he serv'd the Republic with distinction in quality of Generalissimo.

    "This particular matter does not concern you, Generalissimo," Watson rapped at him.

    For this reason: A Generalissimo in the ordinary and full sense of the term may be impracticable.

    "You were a chevalier of the Order, mon lieutenant, if I remember," said the Generalissimo.

    On the 27th of that month the Russian generalissimo announced that all communications had been cut off.

    I don't know who or what they took me for; certainly not for the Generalissimo.

    He already was created Duke of Friedland, and generalissimo of the imperial armies.

    At its head stands the Emir, as generalissimo, prince, and chief of religion.

    "Yes, yes," said the Generalissimo, and then he looked at his watch again.

    But if he is a general, then he must be the generalissimo himself.

Word Origin & History of - generalissimo

    Word Origin & History of generalissimo

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