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The Synonym of - generator (noun)

Word Example of - generator

    Example Sentences for generator

    The generator was smoking, and the room reeked with the stench of shorted wires.

    There're no batteries in here, the power comes from the generator.

    More serious troubles will generally prevent the generator from building up at all.

    If there was any water in the boiler, it would operate the engine that drove the generator.

    They may separate completely or remain attached to their generator.

    The carbide falls into the generator, the bottom of which is open.

    This valve also allows the escape of pressure above that for which the generator was designed.

    We got the generator to vanish, and that's the toughest part of the battle.

    It will from this explanation be seen that the action of the generator is simply to keep the current circulating.

    Still more time may be saved by leaving the field current on the generator.

Word Origin & History of - generator

    Word Origin & History of - generator

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