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Word Example of - generic

    Example Sentences for generic

    That name has since been applied in a generic sense to all similar ice bodies lying on the backs of "wedges."

    There is no reason whatever for this inundation of generic names.

    Its generic title, Scotiaptex, is from two Greek words, one meaning darkness and the other to frighten.

    In the fishery, they usually go by the generic name of Gay-Headers.

    Work is the generic term for any continuous application of energy toward an end; work may be hard or easy.

    The word gate here, you will admit, is used in a generic sense.

    The generic name of Plagiotnia has been proposed for this worm.

    Both names are generic and Avataric, and yet, may be personified.

    Phil was accustomed to be addressed as Johnny, that being the generic name for boy in New York.

    It grows in the form of a spathula, from which it receives its generic name.

Word Origin & History of - generic

    Word Origin & History

    generic 1676, "belonging to a large group of objects," formed in Eng. from L. gener-, stem of genus "kind" (see genus). Sense of "not special, not brand-name," of groceries, etc., is from 1977.

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