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Word Example of - genesis

    Example Sentences for genesis

    Genesis knows all about it, because he was thinkin' of doin' it himself, only he says it would be too slow.

    Where here is the similarity between Genesis and the Avesta?

    The Danes are heathens, as one is told presently; but this lay of beginnings is taken from Genesis.

    In Genesis the creation ends with the creation of man, so it does in the Avesta.

    To the methodologist of science in genesis it appeared altogether to fail to satisfy any practical interest.

    From this position indeed the genesis of the gorge is clearly revealed.

    The account of the making of man, for example, is totally different in Genesis and in the Kiche production.

    They can do no more than point to the Book of Genesis, or some other portion of the Bible.

    Its occurrence might, perhaps, be quoted in support of the hypothesis of the genesis of organic life from, dead matter.

    He was quite unconscious of the genesis of every book he ever wrote.

Word Origin & History of - genesis

    Word Origin & History

    genesis O.E., from L. genesis, adopted as title of first book of Old Testament in Vulgate, from Gk. genesis "origin, creation, generation," from gignesthai "to be born," related to genos "race, birth, descent" (see genus). As such, it translated Heb. bereshith, lit. "in the beginning," which was the first word of the text, taken in error as its title. Extended sense of "origin, creation" first recorded in English c.1600.

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