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Word Example of - genetics

    Example Sentences for genetics

    Eugenics is the science of reproducing better humans by applying the established laws of genetics or heredity.

    It sprang from genetics and bears the mark of an implicit Darwinian mechanism.

    They also opened new horizons for hypotheses in astronomy, genetics, anthropology.

    If, then, progress was to be made in Genetics, work of a different kind was required.

    But a better definition, based on the results of genetics, looks at it as a mechanism, not as an external appearance.

    Lindstrom of Iowa has led in research on the genetics of tomatoes, chromosome relations and mode of inheritance.

    The metaphors of genetics and evolutionary models can be applied.

    Most students of genetics realize that a factor difference usually affects more than a single character.

    I've been studying up on biology and genetics; talking to Chang got me interested.

    General biology and the science of Genetics are bringing to light much that must be incorporated in Sociology.

Word Origin & History of - genetics

    Word Origin & History of genetics

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